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The Soviflex™ self-retaining vaginal retractor is a flexible silicone medical device, which allows better visualization of vaginal lacerations and easier repair of those lacerations post vaginal delivery childbirth.

Provider Benefits:

The Soviflex retractor is uniquely designed so that the delivering provider can bend the flexible retractor (FIGURE 1) and insert it in easily into the vagina where the retractor will hold the introitus and vaginal walls open (FIGURE 2), improving visualization and repair of lacerations.

soviflex product, flexing in hand

Figure 1

soviflex usage diagram

Figure 2

This can work for sulcus tears as well, where the delivering provider may improve visualization and ease of repair by rotating the Soviflex retractor to display the sulcus tear.

Use of the Soviflex self-retaining vaginal retractor can also enable the provider to suture a laceration more quickly than if he or she is using one hand for retraction, which can help limit patient blood loss. The self-retaining retractor also eliminates the need for a surgical assistant to retract the vaginal side walls for visualization.

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Once the vaginal repair is completed, the provider simply removes the Soviflex retractor and disposes of it in a routine manner. Please note that the Soviflex retractor should not be saved and re-sterilized for future use; re-sterilization by any method may affect the properties and functionality of the silicone device.

There are two Soviflex self-retaining vaginal retractor versions.


soviflex product, blue

For most patients; softer and more flexible device, which usually provides the correct amount of retraction for clear visualization.


soviflex product in yellow

For use when blue device option does not provide enough strength to enable clear visualization.